Monday, October 28, 2013

Pushing the envelope with the envelope punch board

 A fabulous new tool has just arrived!
The envelope punch board - It creates totally customisable envelopes in up to 66 different sizes. Even tried and true envelope sizes will only take you moments to create! 
It's super easy to use, it's small and lightweight, very portable and easy to store. It even has a clever scoring tool as well as a punch that lets you create rounded corners on your envelopes. 
It's easy to keep it all together; the stylus storage compartment and two punches are designed into the tool so you don't have lots of little pieces to keep track of (even the instructions are printed right on the tool so you won't lose them!). And it's a bargain - only $31.95 and available to order NOW. 
Check out the video:
Click the link below to view the video.

The Envelope Punch Board includes:
• An easy-to-use chart to create up to 66 different envelope sizes (including standard sizes). The measurements are provided in both inches and centimetres.
• A scoring tool in a convenient storage slot. • Two punches designed right into the tool itself: one to make the envelope and one to round its corners.
$31.95 AU
Envelope Punch Board
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