Saturday, July 20, 2013

How to make Simply pressed clay flowers

Today is a CASE (copy and share everything) from page 180 of the catalogue. It's an inspiration point for me to showcase the new simply pressed clay and the Flower shop bundle of stamp and punch.
 The clay is a fabulous new product. It is quick and easy to use because it doesn't need to be mixed or "worked". It comes already to go in a resealable foil pack so it stays fresh and ready to use.
You simply pinch a piece of clay from the foil pouch and press it into the silicon mould and push it out.
By bending the silicon mould in half the sides will fall out and a nudge with one finger will help it fall out onto your desk.
Voila a little flower or button is made!
You now need to put it aside overnight to let it dry.
About 6 hours for it to be completely dry.
Then you can use it as is, paint it with ink, or put a coat of crystal effects over it to give a glossy shine.

The button above has clear Crystal effects on top added straight from the bottle.
And this one has had a drop of Wisteria Wonder ink mixed into the crystal effects before it was painted on.
Some Helpful Tips:
  1. If you find the clay is sticking to the mould you may find it less sticky when the mould is cold. So just put it in the freezer for a few minutes before you use it.
  2. The clay doesn't need to be "worked" with your fingers as it too, works best when cold.
  3. I let my flowers dry on a silicon or plastic mat so that I can pick them up and put them somewhere safe to dry. 
  4. Sticking your lovely creations to a card or scrap book page is simple too. Just use a wet adhesive or liquid glue such as the two-way glue penTombow multipurpose glue, or Crystal effects.

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