Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Storage boxes

What do you use your plastic wood stamp boxes for?
I had this idea recently to store my clear mount blocks in it.
You can fit 4-5 blocks in a large case. 
This one fits block A, D, H and E.
Easy to store on the shelf or in your craft bag, see through and you know where and whats in there at a glance.
These boxes are made to hold your wood stamp sets ... They come in large and half size boxes.
I have used the half box to store a set of undefined stamps.
And fellow demo Felicity used it for gift wrapping some chocolates and now that we've eaten all the contents, i might have to use it to store some stamp supplies like snail refils, glue dots and two way glue in.
Also thinking you can store several containers of embossing powder and an embossing buddy together in one place. Or, several bottles of re inkers, glitter and ribbons...
Large boxes are 4 for $11.95 and 
4 half boxes for $8.95.
Also on the same page 197, are the clear mount DVD size: 4 cases for $9.95.

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