Thursday, June 06, 2013

Trending now ... This and That Journal books

 This is the most on trend thing to do in the paper craft world at the moment ... it is kind of like speed scrapbooking! More like how we used to scrapbook as a kid. Mine were usually pictures from magezines of animals: horses, dogs, cats, feathers, very bad poetry, drawings and the ocasional movie ticket.
We all have busy lives and we want to keep a record of our thoughts, our likes, our friends and events that mean something to us. These journals, smash books (call them what you will) are a place to record your thoughts for your self or as a gift for others.
This beautiful journal was created by Juliana Main which she generously shared with us at convention.
 I am seeing these at stationary shops and art boutique stores ... so they must be on trend!
As you can see from these photos the papers of the journal are already patterned and all you need to do is collect this and that, and stick them on to a page using tape and stickers.
 Add a date, a place name, who was there, add what you like, what inspires you, business cards, post cards, photos, colour swatches, fabric samples...
 Wouldn't it be perfect as a pregnancy journal, a baby book, a grandmas brag book, wedding planner, holiday or travel journal, or favourite recipes and places book? Maybe your bucket list?
 The stampin' Up! Epic Day journal bundle comes with lots of stickers, washi tape, patterned paper, a date stamp, everything to record and display your passions. And in stampin' Up! style everything coordinates.
 Shelli's grandchildren sent her these cards and she tucked them in to sleaves to make pockets. Or you could add envelops for hidden journalling what ever you want to make your book unique.
I can't wait to start mine for 2013.
I guess I have a few photos and mementos I'd like to record for 2013 so far.
Do you want to start your own too? Give me a call and we can work on them together.
Here is a link to a video clip showing how easy they are to create with:
This is the front cover of my first journal that I'm starting today -

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  1. Thanks for sharing these pics. I have kind of started my journal but these are very inspiring.


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