Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Making Boxes with the Envelope Punch Board

We all love the boxes with the envelope punch board but 
seriously the maths does my ahead in.
So here it is someone has created a little calculator to use:
Personally I just like to have a recipe to follow, measurements
 spelt out, score lines, everything written down.
This gorgeous box is quite large enough to fill with a scarf and
 a square book, plus the card inside.
It's made with a single piece of 12" x 12" designer series 
paper (DSP).
Box Recipe:
1. Line up the 12x12 piece of paper or cardstock with the
 4" mark on the Envelope punch board.
Punch a notch and score with the bone folder, your score line 
won't reach to the edge of the paper.
2. Rotate your paper and punch the next edge at 4"' , punch 
and score.
Punch and score at 4" on all four sides.
3. Flip the paper over.
4. Punch and score at 4", on all 4 sides.
You will have two notches and 2 score lines on each edge of 
your square of paper.
5. Now, Score the top flaps.
Lining up the corner with the board, score from the notch to 
the right hand side groove.
Do this On all four corners of your paper.
6. Turn your paper with one corner facing you and Cut with 
scissors up to the first fold line.
Rotate your paper180 degrees and Cut two lines up to the 
first fold on that side.
The photo above shows the four cuts.
7. Fold along all score lines to create a box and apply 
adhesive to one flap only.  You can use snail for a temporary
 fix or sticky strip which will hold it firm.
Note: Leave one end open without any glue on it.
8. Tuck the flaps in and this is your box opening to slip your 
gifts into.
9. You can decorate your box with a ribbon belly band to 
keep it closed and a paper flower, or a piece of twine and a 
gift card in an envelope.
To order your envelope punch board, patterned paper or to 
ask any questions you can email me at: 

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