Sunday, November 13, 2011

How to tie the Perfect bow... one more time.

I've been asked how to tie a perfect bow. It is something every card crafter has to master at some time!
Fortunately, its easy once you know how.
These instructions are "slightly" different to the last tutuorial I did, so here goes.
 1. You will need to cut a piece of ribbon about 32cm long.
If in doubt use more, because you can always cut the excess off later.
 2. Fold the piece of ribbon in half over your two fingers that you are holding in a scissor shape.
3. Take the  back piece and wrap it upwards and hold in place with your thumb.
4. Make sure they cross over.
 5. Now take the left hand piece and wrap it over and towards the right.
 6. Wrap it completely around the back and bring the end up through the gap in your scissored fingers.
7. Let the top piece of ribbon flap forward over your thumb.
 8. Take the bottom piece and tie a little knot over your thumb. This takes two hands, but no more than three. I had to put down the camera to do this step.
 9. Slowly, Pull the ends tight.
 10. Turn over your hand and you have a perfectly-proportioned-flat-bow tied on your fingers.
Now gently, ease it off your fingers. You may need to adjust the tightness of the knot at the back.
11. Trim the ends into flag points with your sharp scissors and you have the "easy tie" bow.

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  1. Wow! Thank you!! I've always been depressed about not knowing how to make a simple bow (especially when trying on clothes w/ a pretty bow, but I have to ruin it just so I can try on the clothes...).
    This helped me a lot! :)


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