Thursday, December 09, 2010

How to tie the Perfect Bow...

Yesterday, I showed you a card with THE Perfect Bow!
I want to tell you how easy it is ... Because none of my cards or bows are perfect I call it the EZY BOW!
Here's how I tie my bows:
You need about 40cm for wide ribbon like this, only about 25 cm for ribbon half as wide like the 1" satin ribbon I showed you last time.
 1. Wrap the piece of ribbon around your two fingers (hold them as if you were playing: scissors, paper, rock) with the short end of the ribbon at the front.
 2. Bring the long end up and through the holes made by your first and second fingers.
 3. Wrap it around behind and to the right. Leave your thumb in place under the loop of ribbon.
 4. Poke the long end into the hole held open with your thumb. This ties a knot around the ribbon.
5. Pull the long end up and to the left to tighten it.
6. Turn your hand over and you can see the knot that is made in the centre of your bow.
Just slide it off your two fingers, trim the ends to size and ...
7. There you have it the EASY Perfect Bow!
Hint: I attach it to my cardstock with a dimensional adhesive spot, or a mini glue dot works just as well.
To get a neat pointed edge I use the Paper snips and fold the ribbon in half lengthwise to get a nice notch cut into it.


  1. Did you leave something out? I must've followed these instructions and pictures 50 times and am not coming up with any knot.

  2. Are you having trouble with step 3? Holding the hole open with your thumb is a bit tricky, usually poking the long end of the ribbon through that hole ties a knot, pull it tight and then slip the whole thing off your fingers. Or you might like to try my other post on this topic - slightly different way of tying the knot, same result. Thanks for the feedback.

  3. Here's the link to my (alternative) perfect bow ;) it might be easier.

  4. Step 4 is the hardest part. I didn't realise that you have to poke it up from underneath. Having said that I have been to at least a dozen sites, some with videos and this one is the only one where I found success. Thank you!!!!!!

  5. The hardest step is step 4. I didn't realise that you had to push it up from underneath. Having said that I have been to at least a dozen sites to try to learn, some even with videos and this is the ONLY place I found success. Thank you!!!!!!


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