Monday, May 30, 2016

Swirly bird and the 1st of June

Do you ever see something and just think meh - nah don't need that!
And then, you see it again and again and you realise... You DO like it A LOT?
So let me save you the trouble...
The swirly bird stamp set goes with a matching swirly die cutting set. 
And suits the hatching of human babies be they boys who need boats on a curly sea
Or amazing birthday cards featuring blue and copper roses
Or swirly birds on a bush of coloured flowers looking for a nest.
I've been making a bunch of post it note holders using the swirly bird stamp set.
Are you catching my gist?
In short it's a very versatile bundle, I love it!
They're a gorgeous set of images and with the new in colours you can't go past them.
Or can you? Send me your order before June 1st and I'll set one aside for you.
Contact: Or text Nerida on 0468 877 125.

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