Saturday, December 13, 2014

Making things coastal, ocean and blue

Once there was a pretty blue dress waiting for a formal to go to...
It needed a matching flower for it's owner's hair.
We looked far and wide for a beautiful soft blue with just a hint of mint like the ocean.
A coastal cabana type ocean.
We never found the perfect hue, so we bought a white fabric rose instead and ...
Spritz'd with coastal cabana ink - fashion dilemma solved!
Half a spritz bottle of water, add three big drops ( or possibly more) of Coastal cabana ink and lightly spray til you get the exact colour you are looking for.
I think it dried a little lighter with the white fabric beneath, so it perhaps looked a little pool party which was precisely the colour we were after.
Stampin' Up! Products I love you.
Now, if only Stampin'up! Sold an instant hair braiding - fish-tailing tool...

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