Monday, January 05, 2015

December Birthdays ...

It has been a month of celebration of Birthdays. Jess went to a party with request for birthday card in blue with football on it. So Jess drew the character from one of her books and I provided the stars and goal posts. Winner!
There seemed a whole cascade of people having their birthday between Christmas and new year.
Let me show you this one from another angle ... It's a flip flop card with extra flappy bits.
Are you getting the gist of it yet? Lots of extra panels to decorate, so fun to make!
We celebrated a twelfth birthday which was to feature feathers and film...
Colours: Aqua and purple gold or silver ... Thankfully there were a few new stamps in my stash due to A new catalogue coming out next week.
They feature butterflies and sequins ... And then came the actual birthday card with giant gold butterfly and some sneak peek Birthday Bash patterned paper.
I just love a gold foil butterfly on a gatefold card with sequins! Yep made it up at 11.30pm and wrapped a few pressies by midnight the night before said birthday.

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