Sunday, August 31, 2014

Box Tutorial

Yesterday's  "Notched Edge" Gift box tutorial:
You will need:
Two pieces of patterned paper-
The Lid: 6" x 4"
The base: 6 7/8" x 5"
Step 1. Score the smaller piece ( the lid) at 1" on all four sides. 👇🔻
2. Place this piece on the Envelope punch board.
Punch a notch at 1" on all four sides.
Note the 1" mark is right beside the edge of the punch.
3. Then turn your paper over and punch another notch at 1" on all 4 sides.
So that you have 2 notches on each edge.
4. With your sharp scissors cut from the notch up to the 1" score line.
Do this on the long sides only. These make the corners of your lid.
5. Fold up your box lid on the scored lines and Add some Sticky 
Strip on the edges of each tab.
6. Fold it up and create your box lid.
7. The base is even quicker.
Score at 1 5/8" around on all 4 sides.
8. Then with scissors cut up to the first score line.
9. Add sticky strip and fold up the sides into a box base.
Your box is finished and now ready to decorate!
Father's Day is coming up next weekend, so how about...
... a big manly paper bow and some hugs and kisses.
I whipped up the bow quick as a snap on the Envelope punch board
And the hugs and kisses come from the gorgeous new 
"Good Greetings" Set.

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