Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Building a scrapbook page.

Scrapbooking is a little different to making cards.
You know that your scrapbook page is going to be kept for some time and may be brought out year after year by family and friends.
I know that a scrapbook page takes a little longer and so I set aside enough time to enjoy the process.
There is the Photo selection time - choosing a picture that evokes an emotion: a moment of pride, excitement, a beautiful photo, or an event to remember!
Next comes the colour matching - to the photo, to the mood, to the season.
Usually it is the fabrics and patterns in the photo that I want to repeat in the background.
Then choosing the products I will use as accents: Sometimes for me it is the latest set of patterned papers or a shiny new product that I want to experiment with. And, sometimes it is just an idea I have, inspired by a magazine, or an image from an advertising catalogue. My favourite are bath, manchester and bedroom catys. 
This one reminds me of pillows or a patchwork quilt.
Often, I like to start small with a 6x6 inch page and build up a full size page from there. 
 Sometimes by the time you add an embellishment and some background stamping, or a title that is enough!
But usually I like to add more than one or two photos to a page and that decides the way the page will look.
I add my date and journalling last ... and sponge around the edge of the white page.
This page is one of my favourites featuring Jessica at the Choral Festival in September.
The singing club sung songs from Mary Poppins and dressed as maids and chimney sweeps.
The fresh vintage patterned papers and the orangey reds in the embellishments match the cute little aprons they wore.

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  1. I really like how you have shown how to build a page up, i struggle with this. A 6x6 is less daunting than a 12x12 but with this method a 12x12 is manageable. I love this layout.


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