Friday, June 06, 2014

Stamping Joy's top ten stamps from the Going going gone list...

Its June, the beginning of our Australian Winter.

We are one month away from the beginning of a brand new Annual catalogue, which means the Retirement list is out.
No that's not a list of people leaving to spend more time with their families... it means all the stamps and accessories that wont be going into the next catalogue are available but, only until they run out.
And, some are on sale up to 40% off!
They're the ones to see, but still there maybe some that you have been  intending to buy on your next order... well intend no more, its going, going, gone month at Stampin' Up!
Starting at number one on my list of stamp sets not to miss before they're gone is:
1. Secret garden (in wood mount) 40% off $26.97
2. Simply stars Clear $14.21
3. Sweetest Gift - 7 stamps for Baby cards $23.77
4. Zoo Review $31.95 (giraffe, zebra, lion, penguin and polar bear stamps)
5. Wonderfall in clear mount $23.77 (5 large autumn leaves)
6. Harvest Blessings $17.47 (tractor drawing for fathers day)
7. Horse frontier $25.95 (who doesn't know someone who loves a horse)
8. Hello, Lovely (10 stamps) 40% off $27.57
9. Hearts a flutter (with flags and patterned hearts) $26.96
10. En francais background stamp is already out of stock - gone
so, Say good bye to:
* Ex Libris in clear at 40% off $14.97
*  Papaya Collage $44.95
* Clockworks $25.46
* Amazing family in wood also 40% off $26.97
* Fine Feathers $22.95
and the Stampin' around wheels ...
Betsy's blooms $7.67
Daydream $10.47
Music notes $10.95
Butterfly Collection $11.21
Shop Around and Very Vintage $14.95 will be gone sooner than you think.
Send me an email,  an SMS 0468 877 125, or ask me over to help you decide.
You know what "only while stock last" means, so don't be disappointed, be quick.

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