Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Guest Stamper returns ...

Jessica's teacher got married over the holidays so on the last day before school went back Jessica  made her a card.
She used scraps on the table that were'nt being used and with permission used my new punches and a spare top-note made out of velum.
She had some help deciding what ink she was allowed to use, and where to put the sentiment and taping down the ribbon, but apart from encouragement and straightening of of a few lines, she did the rest herself.

The eyes on the birds were looking a little black and menacing so we fished out some stick on pearls more befitting a bride and groom's card and I am very proud of my guest stamper's latest work.
She wrote the inside message herself so her teacher will be the judge of the spelling and writing.
I hope her teacher likes her handcrafted card not to mention the beautiful pictures drawn on the envelope.
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  1. Hi Jess, i really like your card, i like the birds eyes and what you have done with the top note. Your teacher would have loved it. Felicity.H.

  2. To Felicity, thanks, from Jessica:


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