Sunday, February 19, 2012

What can you do with shimmer paint?

It comes in Frost white, champagne and Platinum.
Its being sprayed, daubed, sponged and stamped.
 Here's a few quick tutorials on how to use your shimmer paint from Stampin' UP!
You will need:
1. about 3-5 drops of Shimmer paint, 
Rubbing alcohol
a small spray bottle.
 2. 3/4 fill a small spray bottle with Rubbing alcohol
(ask for Isocol at a chemist or pharmacy)
Open your container of Shimmer paint and dip the spray bottle's tube into the paint.
You can do this 3-5 times to add the paint to the isocol in your spray bottle.
You can add more or less depending on how shimmery you want to spray.
 3. Put the spray bottle lid back on and Shake your spray bottle.
4. Spray on your cardstock and leave to dry for a few moments.
Drying time depends on how much you spray the paper.
When you use frost white it looks a bit like sea spray.
Champagne looks like little specks of gold glitter.
Tip: spray the cardstock with shimmer mist BEFORE you stamp, otherwise the ink will run or spread.
 On this sample I have sprayed the Blue cardstock, crumpled and distressed the paper, unfurled it and sprayed again. In the light it is like the deep ocean sparkling with sea spray.
And the sample above shows I have sponge-daubered the edges with  shimmer paint too.
 A REALLY WOW effect on invitations.
*  *  *  *  *
  Shimmer paint stamping!
 What you need:
1. Shimmer paint
a sponge dauber
 a rubber stamp.
 2. Use a sponge dauber to pick up shimmer paint from inside the lid of the shimmer paint bottle.
 3. Then, daub the paint onto the rubber stamp.
Keep dipping the sponge dauber into the lid of the paint and onto the rubber until the stamp is inked.
Tip: You can even mix a few drops of re-inker with the shimmer paint (add the shimmer paint and ink together on a flat plastic lid so that you don't contaminate the bottle).
 4. Lastly, stamp the shimmer daubed rubber stamp onto your dark coloured cardstock.
The Frost white and Platinum are both opaque and look best when you tilt them sideways in thelight.
This effect looks great with snow flakes, ocean, beach and water themed stamps, as well as boats and background stamps.
The card above is stamped with Frost white shimmer paint on the background layer (with the writing from the Open Sea stampset)
 with some sea salt splashes added to the blue layer. (Stamped using the French Folliage splatter stamp).

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