Sunday, February 12, 2012

A busy week ...

It has been a busy week or two ... re-establishing the school and activities routine, and finding time to schedule all the must-dos into each day.
Funny enough though, you can always make time to do what you love, if you give yourself permission to.
During the month of February I signed up for a Digital photo challenge at where else?
Crafters Anonymous...
Where you take a photo a day on a given topic and post it.
I am hoping it might inspire me to scrapbook some more (maybe, if I have time)
I will show you what I mean: My View.
My View today - feeding the Noisy Mynas.
 The next day was Words:
 I was actually looking for a DrSeuss poem but happened upon the words to Brahms lullaby.
 And a peom by William Blake (think "Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright... in the forests of the night")
On the 8th the challenge was the sun.
As you all know we have had a very grey, wet Summer and so I had toget up early to get the sun as it rose and before the rain clouds obliterated it's shine for the day.
Here's my picture of Sun.
Sun rise 7am.

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  1. How cool is this. I am soooo jealous of your view. It really is the small things in life we need to appreciate. What a fantastic idea.


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