Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Brisbane Convention part 2

Day 2 in our apartment at 7am! did I mention we were in the Penthouse suite?
Here is a fun shot of me at my desk in the Riverview suite... ready to go.
 During day 2 ... we visited the Demonstrator Resource centre. Where you could wander around and try new products like the magnetic framelits on the Big shot, or the new rotary blade on the Stampin' Up! cutter, or My Digital Studio on a computer, or how to make your own moulded clay buttons and flowers.
 What's that huge crowd doing over there in the corner?
 I can see a very talented demo pulling a huge crowd- they're like putty in her hands... who is that?
It's the very busy Denielle B. from our Inksomniac team making clay flowers.
This year they mixed it up a little bit, well a lot actually. Instead of having all the awards on the Friday night we were treated to some stage walks throughout the general sessions.
Here is Linda Higgins doing her stage walk for selling 40K in 12 months. (She's terribly skilled at this) even so much, as to let her have her own demo segment on the main stage!
A very proud moment for all her team to see her march (skip) across like that.
I should call this segment: My brushes with famous demos
Denielle crossed for $30K and Ellen marched for $20K!
So glad to be in a team of amazing business women.
This is a very long post, I hope you are enjoying the photos and living precariously through my exciting craft journey. I do my best to please - more random photos.
This year Memento mall was fulll of exciting products for us to buy to help us in our business. There were pens and bags, keychains, biscuit cutters and stamps, card trees and notepads, post it notes and watches, tape measures and hammers? It was an eclectic mix you might say... only problem is on the first day you could only buy one of each item.
And then by the time I came back all the good things were sold out!!! So I threw myself in front of a demonstrator with 4 bags who was putting some back (as she had too many) and managed to fill my basket with a few more. 
Linda Higgins - Workshop Wow!

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  1. Lovely post Nerida. It was nice to re-live it again, and especially given that a week ago today I was just finishing up at Leadership. It was a great convention this year and great to see you again!


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