Saturday, November 30, 2013

How to make a Gift Box with the Envelope Punch Board

How to make a box with the envelope punch board?
Easy peasy! What do you need ?
You will need the envelope punch board (EPB).
A piece of cardstock or patterned paper measuring 9" x 9".
Some adhesive. Either double sided tape, or snail, or sticky strip works fine.
A pair of sharp scissors.
Step 1. Line up the left side of your paper at the 3" mark, punch the oval button to remove your first notch, and using the scoring tool, score along the score line.
Then slide the paper right and punch another notch at  the 5" mark and score again.
Step 2. Turn your paper 90 degrees. 
Punch at 3" mark, score and slide the paper to 5" mark. Punch and score again. 
Do this on all four sides until there are two notches and two score lines on each side of the paper.
Step 3. Fold all the score lines you have made.
Step 4. Use scissors to cut along one of the fold lines up to the first score line.
Turn your paper and cut up to the scoreline, again.  Do this on all four corners.
Step 5. Add some adhesive to each of the corner tabs.
Step 6. Now fold up your box along the score lines that we made.
Step 7. To close this box I have snipped a cut in both the top and bottom flaps and slid them into each other. But you could just use a bit of tape or snail adhesive. There are a few different ways to close your box.
Then lastly, all you need to do is decorate your box with a gift tag and perhaps a paper bow (which you can also make with your envelope punch board.)
I have used the chalk talk stamp set and matching Framelits to create the "For You" tag.
The gorgeous blue ink is called Pacific Point.
Would you like to make some gift boxes like this? We can do a class or a party at your place to make some boxes for Christmas gifts. These would fit about 3 large biscuits, a piece of Christmas cake, a mince pie, or perhaps several pieces of homemade fudge?

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  1. Nerida this is a really lovely idea. Love how you've used the EPB for the bow as well. Very clever! And a great way to get so much more out of one tool.


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