Monday, August 29, 2011

The motivation of Zen

I have been reading an article about Zen and motivation.
I apologise if you are wondering what this has to do with card making ...
 it has everything to do with motivation and much to do with releasing stress, control and feelings of being overwelmed with everything that has to be done.
 To find your zen-motivation come on an experimental break with me:
1. Look at your surroundings, but only notice colours, textures and shapes.
2. Listen to sounds in your immediate environment, but not voices.
Tune into mundane sounds like the hum of your computer, the running refrigerator motor. You can also listen to the sound of the wind blowing or the distant traffic, even birds ...
3. Feel outside textures and temperatures, such as the fabric of a piece of furniture or the carpet.
Perhaps the coolness of a glass of water ...It also works to feel environmental pressure, such as the pressure of your body against the seat or the general feeling of gravity pulling you toward the earth.
Stay with it for 20-30 seconds.
 If your attention wanders, that's fine. Just return to noticing the particular external sight, sound or feeling you had been noticing.
 After several moments, you will feel yourself "settle" a bit.
You will relax and your bodily tension will ease. This is the beginning of a more present, Zen-like awareness.
* * * 
 While in this state, gently consider what you need to do, then follow your natural instinct!
 The steps to Zen motivation are simple:
1. Enter a Zen-like state using your external senses
2. Gently consider what you need to do
3. Follow your natural instinct to act.
To find my Zen motivaton - you guessed it - I focussed on the colours, shapes and textures in my environment. I close my eyes and listen to the computer, fridge, trees and birds outside.
Then I open my eyes and go make some cards.
 * * * * *
"The sights, sounds and feelings of the world are always with you. Use them to your advantage. Get out of your head and tune into your environment. Once you are grounded in the present, motivating yourself is as simple as considering what needs to be done." Mike Bundrant, August 2011.

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