Friday, September 30, 2011

How to wear stampin' up fabric...

You do not need to be a able to sew to use stampin' up fabrics... not at all!
The fabulous Big shot makes it easy to cut out as many FUN Flowers
 as you need to layer a gorgeous flower
that you can wear on your lapel, your hat, or in your hair.
Ellen, Penny and Nerida (wearing my Fun flower brooch).
With a brad, hot glue, or just a safety pin, or perhaps a single stitch you can bunch these flowers together and dress up that suit, shirt, beret or headband.
Here's Jess wearing a Fun Flower on her beret (for multi cultural day) and a
Fabric Artistic Etchings coaster on her t-shirt.
Supplies used:
Fabric: Timeless Portrait
Trinket key
Big shot
Fun flowers die
one stitch
a safety pin
and a beret!
(Fabric coaster was made by Denielle B)
Merci Au'voir!

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