Monday, February 09, 2009

Origami Page keeper tutorial.

Now that I have been making these Page keepers and bookmarks... I just keep seeing them everywhere.

While browsing the local library for craft books, there was this cute little origami page holder that I found which you can make out of a single square of Double sided patterned paper. For a small diary you can make a very compact one out of a piece only 8cm square.

For a novel or decent sized book I prefer the size I have used here (15 cm square).

You will need:

A piece of 15 X 15 cm Double Sided paper. (6 inch x 6 inch for imperial measurers). A bone folder to make neat flat folds.

1. Fold the square paper in half diagonally.

2. Then fold it in quarters diagonally to make a half way point of the lower edge.

Open it out again.
3. Fold the top tip down to meet the lower edge

4. Fold the outer points also into the centre.
5. Unfold Right hand flap and fold it up to the top corner.

6. Mountain fold the point and tuck it into the pocket behind the horizontal edge created back in step 2.

Here is another view from a different angle.

7. Repeat with the Left hand side.

8. Fold the point up to the top

Creating a mountain fold upwards and into the pocket formed earlier.

Ta Dah!!! That's it!

This one really won't fall out of your book even if you shake it ... Ok, I am sure if you shake it very vigorously, it will fly out eventually...

Materials: Bone folder
Rose red double sided patterned Paper.

*** Did you make it to the end of this post? Origami I think is more fun doing than explaining!

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  1. Great post! We found this through searching for Double Sided (our company name!). Best, John


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