Sunday, November 28, 2010

How to tie the Easy Perfect Ribbon bow...

I know ribbon can be scary .... Ask a group of people to tie a knot in a strip of ribbon - you will get all kinds of out comes. Some people will give up before they start and say can you do it for me?
There's the "reef" knot (you know: right over left, left over right)...and granny knots.
I showed you recently my no-knot-bow... well now the latest challenge is here for you.
The perfect ribbon bow. Its ok, stop hyperventilating ... instructions follow:
Step1. Take a piece of ribbon and loop it over your two fingers of your Left hand.
You have a short end in front and a long end behind.
Step 2.  Wrap the long end up over your thumb and poke it through the gap between your first and second fingers.
 Step 3. Pull the long end through and to the right (are you with me so far?)
 Step 4. Bring the long end up and through the loop held open by your thumb.
 Step 5.  Pull the long end tight so that it ties a knot around the central ribbon loop.
 Step 6. Pull the end tightly and ease your two fingers apart to even out the loops of the bow and slowly slip it off your two fingers.
 Step 7. Turn it over ... you have just made the perfect ribbon bow.
 So easy and in just seconds....
Now you can glue dot it to the front of your project.
Isn't that the quickest, easiest bow you've ever seen?

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