Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Always pomegranate and a partridge in a pear tree

I decided that I wanted to make a simple card using the always bird and some double sided paper, completed it in 20 minutes (included thinking time) and with only 2 stamps!

The bird (from the always stampset - spring mini) and very merry from Short and sweet.

Using black stazon I stamped directly on to the Holiday Harmony DS paper.

A purely pomegranate ribbon to wrap and tie around.

Too easy really!

I know it's not very cristmassy but I like it!
You could of course use it for another occasion ...

For my second version, I added some styled silver hodgpodge to frame the "verymerry" on white cardstock and wrapped the ribbon vertically, now because this piece of DS paper didnt have much going on with it I thought to match the silver frame, why not some silver embossing.

this one took a while longer and tying the ribbon longer than you would think.

Came up nicely though I feel. I love that Silver...

Could be made in large quantities with the right ingredients.


  1. I Love these cards Nerida! Don't you just adore "Always" ....such a classic. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love these cards Nerida - simple in design yet very elegant! I love this set - the bird is so pretty. Really suitable for feminine cards and gift sets.


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