Saturday, March 02, 2013

February Birthday gifts

Last month, February is birthday month!
Not just mine, but several of my favourite friends in the stamping createsphere!
I have also taken up walking - after school drop off - most mornings!
Where to carry your phone? where to carry your glasses or keys?
So with Felicity's birthday in mind I designed this little purse...
 It is a fun little bag that won't win any prizes for sewing or seam-stressing (that is such an appropriate word) and an opportunity to embellish with a trinket charm, bow and fabric roses.
This is the proto type ... would possibly need to be a little larger for your iPhone and quilted padding may have been a better option - but I made it myself on my 20 year old sewing machine and it fits my driving glasses just fine.


  1. Thank you Nerida for my gift. I love it and used it last night at Stamp Club to hold my paper snips in so I had them at arms reach all night. Everyone loved it :).

  2. Nice collection,I hope you have a wonderful Birthday.Birthday gifts are one of the best ways of expressing your heartfelt emotion By giving gift we expressed our way of love to our dear and near ones. To make happier by giving them a birthday gift which they like more and more happy.

  3. Glad you like it felicity, I didnt think of it as a scissor holder! For those emergency crafting moments when you are out and about, or circulating the craft table.


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