Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Making boxes with the Simply Scored Scoring tool.

The simply scored scoring tool
 is fabulous for:
1. Scoring the fold in your cards, no crooked, slightly wonky folds any more!!!
2. Making concertina (accordion) folded rosettes
3. Scoring the measurements of
 card stock boxes.
You can make boxes any size you like (up to 30.5 x 30.5cm).
I took some photos of the DVD box I made recently,
 to show you all the cool features on the "Simply Scored" tool.
At the top there are imperial measurements (and it comes with a metric insert that slides into the board.)
At the top end of the board is a little compartment to hold your extra scoring tools in.
Very clever idea ... I have checked out the other score pads on the market and they dont have all these features. It also comes with its own scoring stylus....
Any way, Card stock for my box was 11 5/8" wide and 8 1/4 " deep.
I scored lines for the spine of my DVD box dragging the stylus from top to bottom, turned it sideways and scored the sides too.
I won't bore you with the maths.... it's actually easier using the metric insert.
The "simply scored" comes with three little pins to measure where to make your score lines.
Especially if you want to make more than one, you don't have to keep measuring and doing the maths in your head because the pins keep the place on the board.
Did I mention that it also comes with its own scoring stylus tool?
So you don't have to use your bone folder. The scoring tool is very comfortable and allows for a fine precision score mark.
Having cut and scored my paper. I was then able to fold the box around my DVD and stick it together with sticky strip. Too easy!
The decoration was explained in a previous post. Now for the details:
Simply Scored tool - $55.95
 Page 6 and 7 of the Autumn Winter mini catalogue
(comes with scoring stylus and three Place markers).
Metric scoring plate: $21.95

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