Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Your weekly bird update...

Great news - the bird has flown the nest!
Three weeks he has been my cardmaking muse, my constant companion ... one day he was testing the sweet nectar from the honey suckle flower vine, the next I saw him swallow a live spider, and another bird feed him a morsel from its beak... and I knew it was only a short time to go.
He grew his flight feathers in a matter of a week and has not returned.
Our baby bird has flown off with the local flock of noisy minors and our home is a little quieter for the loss of him. I wonder does he miss our 6.45 am feed sessions of mushy apple sauce, cat biscuits and honey water? I'm not sure that I do.
How do you inspire yourself to choose a stampset for your next project?

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