Friday, October 01, 2010

How do you dye a paper daisy?

This poppy parade red daisy is pretty bright!
My camera had a hard time adjusting for the brightness...
So how do you dye a paper daisy and get that intense colour?
You will need: 
  1. A paper daisy
  2. Classic Ink pad (Poppy Parade)
  3. Brayer tool  p.143 ($23.95)
  4. Heat tool (or a very warm sunny day)
1. Ink up your brayer with your classic ink pad.
2. Place a paper daisy on a scrap piece of paper (to catch the excess ink) you might want to put it on paper towell so it doesn't soak through to your table top. 
3. Roll the ink onto your paper daisy:  roll back and forth, reinking your brayer several times to get an even, deep, rich colour on your daisy.  It will lighten a tiny bit as it dries.
4. Turn on your heat gun and dry it. Perhaps hold it down with your tweezers so it doesn't blow away.
(alternatively put it on your window sill in the sun for a while, till it dries completely). 
5. Accessorise your daisy with a punched out flower and a vintage brad or button.
 I have found this technique to give you the most intense colour on paper daisies.
In the idea book there are instructions for dying your daisy with water and re-inkers on page 140.

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