Saturday, October 16, 2010

A no knot silk ribbon bow

Nearly everyone I speak to has trouble with tying bows... just when you have the trick down perfect, you stand up proud to show a few friends and the skill eludes you once more... I know not how to tie the perfect bow, you say.
Well, not now, I have the no Knot bow at my finger tips ready to share.
It takes only a few moments to do (with only the aid of a rhinestone brad to hold it in place).
Here it is:
Take a piece of ribbon (Old Olive Satin ribbon looks so lovely in a bow) twice as wide as the bow you want to create. Fold it into equal thirds.
Then pinch it in the centre and wrap the tines (or the legs of) a brad around the pinched bit of ribbon.
Tease out the ends and trim them neatly with your scissors,
and stick it on to a card with a mini glue dot, or two.
Here it is from a different angle and tucked beneath a delightful decoration stamp.
With out a knot in sight.


  1. Your cards have inspired me, i just placed an order, Delightful Decorations bundle, now i can't wait to make cards like yours.

  2. These cards are just beautiful Nerida. Going to case now!!



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